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Monthly Archives: November 2020


ICE Posing as Local Police to Avoid Warrant Requirements & Arrest Immigrants

By Dysart Willis |

There have been recent reports of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents purposely misidentifying themselves as local police, members of narcotics squads, or  using other disguises, including here in North Carolina, in order to pursue and detain immigrants throughout the community without first obtaining valid warrants. While ICE has indicated that it is within… Read More »

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Appeals Court Creates New Fourth Amendment Rights For Criminal Defendants & Those Subject To Immigration Detainers

By Dysart Willis |

In September, the Ninth Circuit made two decisions which arguably created new Fourth Amendment rights for every defendant charged with crimes when surveillance practices lead to evidence being used against them, as well as those who are subject to immigration detention, determining that ICE’s decisions must be reviewed by a neutral magistrate because those… Read More »

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When Physical Discipline Turns into Child Abuse Charges in North Carolina

By Dysart Willis |

There is no question that parenting during the pandemic has been difficult for a number of people, especially for divorced or otherwise separated parents who disagree about certain issues, such as how to discipline their child. In fact, disagreements over issues such as corporal punishment have even led to false accusations of child abuse … Read More »

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