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Administration Expands Fast-Track Deportations Without Right to Go to Court


In late July, the US government announced that it would be introducing a new fast track deportation process that bypasses immigration courts and allows for any migrants who cannot prove that they have been in the United States for longer than two years to be immediately deported. Prior to now, these expedited deportations could only occur to those who were detained near the border (within 100 miles) who had been in the United States for less than two weeks. Migrants found elsewhere were entitled to legal representation and a court hearing. The rule is expected to be implemented right away – i.e. as of July 23, 2019.

According to the Pew Research Center, there are more than 10 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, and the average individual has been here for 15 years. Just since October 2018, according to US border patrol, there have been close to 700,000 apprehensions; just along the Southwest border.

“Fast Track”

According to statistics, during the 2018 fiscal year, individuals who were deported under the existing expedited process were first held for an average of 11 days by the Department of Homeland Security. Otherwise, it usually takes an average of 51 days to remove migrants from the US.

Rule Will Affect Legal Immigrants & Asylum Seekers as Well

This rule is expected to affect many people, as most are not carrying all of their documents on them at all times. This could also lead to a number of legal immigrants being targeted and held as well. According to some statistics, a percentage of people detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and even deported are already US citizens, and the expedited removal process is going to make this far worse.

In addition, there is no question that the new rule will prevent a number of asylum seekers from even applying for refuge in the US. The current administration has already announced that it plans to severely restrict asylum at the border and require anyone seeking asylum to apply for it in another country first. The effect of that new policy effectively bars anyone from Central America who is seeking asylum here.

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Do not let yourself become a victim of the current, narrow-sighted immigration legal issues. In particular, it is difficult for someone to prove that they have been here for more than two years, even if they have. This latest policy is simply an excuse to profile individuals and force them to show authorities their papers. Even if you are taken into custody and can rightfully fight it, how will it be possible, given that it is a fast track process?

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