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North Carolina Felony DWI Lawyer

Driving While Intoxicated is a serious offense. Even a first offense can result in as much as two months jail or community service, up to $200 in fines, and the loss of a driver’s license for up to a year. Penalties for DWI continue to increase for subsequent offenses, or if certain aggravating factors were present on the first offense. In most of these case, DWI is charged as a misdemeanor. There are circumstances, however, when DWI can lead to felony charges. Any DWI arrest should be taken seriously, but if you are charged with a felony in a drunk driving case, it is critical to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to protect yourself from serious jail time and other penalties.

Rashad Hauter is a North Carolina felony DWI lawyer with extensive experience handling DWI and Vehicular Homicide cases statewide. Let Hauter Law Firm, PC assist you if you have been charged with Felony DWI based upon habitual offender status or a vehicular manslaughter charge.

Habitual DWI Offender in North Carolina

If you are arrested for impaired driving in North Carolina and already have three DWI convictions within the past ten years, you can be charged with Habitual Impaired Driving. This charge is a Class F felony, meaning you will be sentenced to at least one year in prison if convicted, and this sentence cannot be suspended. Also, your driver’s license will be permanently revoked, and you will be subject to thousands of dollars in fines as well. Additionally, your vehicle becomes property subject to seizure and forfeiture.

Felony DWI for Vehicular Manslaughter

Another way impaired driving can be charged as a felony is if somebody was hurt or killed in an impaired driving incident. Even if the injury or death was the result of an unintentional accident, you could still be charged with any of the following:

  • Felony Death by Vehicle (Class D felony)
  • Aggravated Felony Death by Vehicle (Class D felony)
  • Repeat Felony Death by Vehicle Offender (B2 felony)
  • Felony Serious Injury by Vehicle (Class F felony)
  • Aggravated Felony Serious Injury by Vehicle (Class E felony)

The penalties for a felony DWI are quite severe compared to most misdemeanor DWI charges. In addition, having a felony conviction on your record can hurt your chances at employment and result in the loss of many valuable civil liberties. With so much on the line, it is essential to get the best representation available when you are charged with Felony DWI.

Aggressive North Carolina Defense Lawyer Here for Your Felony DWI Case

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Vance or Wake County, contact Hauter Law Firm, PC at our offices in North Carolina and Henderson to speak with an experienced, aggressive and successful North Carolina DWI defense attorney.

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