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North Carolina Homicide Lawyer

All Murder Charges Need to be Taken Seriously

If you or a loved one has been charged with homicide, you need to call a criminal defense attorney immediately. Homicide includes manslaughter, second degree murder, and first degree murder. Any form of homicide can result in decades behind bars, with first degree murder resulting in a life term or the death penalty. You have no time to waste. You need immediate help from a North Carolina homicide lawyer.

We Know How to Win Complex Murder Cases

Our legal team has the experience necessary to defend clients in both state and federal court, and we never stop working for you, even when, to an outsider, it seems that all options have been exhausted. Criminal defense attorney Rashad Hauter here at Hauter Law Firm, PC is a former District Attorney, which gives him an advantage in that he can forecast what the opposition will likely do, and take measures to counter their moves. We have been successful in defending clients charged with all types of homicide offenses here in Henderson, eastern North Carolina, and throughout the state.

Varying Degrees of Homicide in North Carolina

Manslaughter is the unintentional killing of another. There are two types of manslaughter charges in North Carolina: voluntary (Class D felony) and involuntary (Class F felony). Voluntary manslaughter is punished with a minimum of 51 months in prison, while involuntary manslaughter (such as a DUI manslaughter) carries a mandatory 13 month prison term, under statute 14-18.

Second Degree Murder is the killing of another person where no premeditation is involved. Often called a “crime of passion,” an example of second degree murder would be two road raged motorists getting out of their vehicles and arguing, with one shooting the other dead. Second degree murder comes in two forms: a Class B1 felony and a Class B2 felony, depending on the circumstances of the offense committed. These classifications carry a 16-year mandatory minimum sentence and a 125-month (10.4 year) mandatory minimum sentence, respectively.

First Degree Murder is any premeditated killing of another person. Premeditation means that the killing was planned in advance. Additionally, any death that results from the following types of violent felonies is classified as first degree murder under North Carolina statute 14-17:

  • Arson;
  • Rape;
  • Other sex offenses;
  • Robbery;
  • Kidnapping;
  • Burglary; or
  • Any other felony that was committed or attempted with a deadly weapon present.

First degree murder carries the highest criminal penalty of any offense in North Carolina, with life in prison without parole being the least harsh punishment, and the death penalty being the ultimate penalty. Only minors convicted of first degree murder are able to escape life in prison or the death penalty.

Call Our Homicide Defense Team Today

Certified by the North Carolina State Bar in criminal law, attorney Rashad Hauter has successfully defended many murder cases. As a former assistant District Attorney, he can predict what the other side is planning in most criminal cases. He understands the prosecution’s strategies and negotiation techniques, and will fight to have the charges against you dropped or drastically reduced. Contact us today to speak with attorney Rashad Hauter at once.

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